Step-By-Step Tutorial To Buy EMGT Tokens

Please follow the steps below:

STEP - 01

1- Login to your account with your username and password

STEP - 02

1- After Login, Click the Blue Button (1) [Buy Token Now ]

STEP - 03

1- Select currency you want to use (1), to Pay for your Emerge Tokens (Bitcon, LiteCoin or Solana)
2- in The Box (2) Type the Amount of Emerge Token you Want to Buy (Minimun: 1000)
3- Click the Blue Button (3) [Make Payment ] to go to the Next Step

STEP - 04

1- Select the option (1) Pay with ConPayments
2- Check the Box (2) to agree with the terms
3- Click the Blue Button (3) [Buy Token Now ] to go to the Final Step

STEP - 05

1- click on the icon (1) to copy the CoinPayments wallet address (Wallet Address)
2- This is a CoinPayments wallet address (2) (you need this address address to make the payment)
3- If you want, Click on (3), Check Status on CoinPayments, to see the your payment status

STEP - 06

After you Clicked on Check Status on CoinPayments:
It wil take you to this info page where:
1- You can check the status of your payment
2- The total amount you need to send to pay
3- The remaining balance you need to send (In case you paid less or a wrong amount)
4- The CoinPayments wallet address you need to send the payment
5- Time left to send your payment
(Your order is canceled if payment is not received in due time)

If you need additional help please click on the Helpdesk link below.

Welcome to the future... Welcome to EMGT, Emerge Token!